openSUSE 11.1 gradients

Does you guys also haven’t got smooth gradients in openSUSE 11.1 graphics?
I mean for example, boot loader (gradient in that horizontal grey strip), or in X…
Am I having wrong colour depth selected or that graphics just looks like this?

i dunno what you are referrint to here. but it would be of aid if you posted some screenshots of what you are implying here. then that way we all could compare from your screenshot as well, and then maybe give inputs.


It looks just like on this screenshot →

That gradient hasn’t got smooth transition (see horizontal lines) :\

Did you install your 3D graphics driver ?

Looks normal to me, remember that the boot/shutdown screens use only basic 16 colours as no graphic driver is used.

I think that is how they meant it to look.

The (3d) driver is only used under X11 (once you are either at the logon screen or at the desktop), nothing else.

Ok, thanks for answer :slight_smile: