openSuse 11.1 - Gnome interface - anti-virus program?

Hi all,

I’m new to Linux.
I use openSuse 11.1 with the Gnome-interface.
I have a permanent DSL-connection to the internet.

I tried to install Clamav anti-virus but this only seems to work with KDE ?

As I’m fairly afraid of getting viruses/Trojans/worms I’d like to know what anti-virus program and /or fire-walls exist for using with Gnome.

Thanks so much for your answer,


Typically you do not need anti-virus software for Linux as viruses are virtually non-existent. You should worry more about rootkits. Anti-virus on Linux makes sense only if your Linux acts as a mail server or similar for Windows machines where you filter mails before passing them over to the Windows machines. For rootkits, either install chkrootkit or rkhunter (I recommend the latter). If you still want to run anti-virus on Linux, check out antivir

Thank you very much. I’ll do so and I’ll let you know the result.


ClamTk Virus Scanner

Gnome frontend.

Dear sir,

I tried to install chkrootkit, which succeeded, but I nowhere have an icon for this program, so I can’t execute ?

Rkhunter : I don’t find it

Thanks for your help,


chkrootkit is a shell script which you run as root from the terminal, hence it doesn’t have icon menu entry

rkhunter can be found here Rootkit Hunter

Thank you, I did not know (new to Linux …).


Hm, and how do I do that ?

Thank you,