Opensuse 11.1 frequent hangs

If you’ve run Gnome for a substantial length of time without recurrence (40 straight hrs sounds reasonable), then it’s time to try KDE. Also, I would be a bit suspicious of the HPET. I don’t have personal experience with this, but my understanding is that there are dependencies. Since you only enabled this recently, that would be one place to look.

Yep. lockups not just back, but with new symptoms: blinking keyboard leds.
Could somebody tell me please where can i find kernel log ? Is it /var/log/warn ?

It’s at /var/log/messages. I would also look at /var/log/Xorg.0.log. You can also view the kernel ring buffer with (do this immediately after booting):

dmesg | more

I also suffer this problem but it appears much when using desktop effects but early it hangs with me once when working with firefox

any ultimate solution ?

For what it’s worth: It’s now been 12 days since I submitted comment # 14 above, and I’ve had no further problem.

Try and put clocksource=hpet as a boot parameter. My machine has now been up and freeze free for several days. I also have iommu=memaper=3 to deal with another boot message error, but I don’t know if this is relevant. You also have to enable hpet in the bios - and the documentation says that if the bios does not have that option use hpet=force. I can’t advise if you need both.
I am using the nvidia driver (185.18.14) for this board GTS 250. Am not running Compiz - but the full KDE desktop effects are just as good - and work seamlessly - cubes, wobbly windows - the works.

zagzigger wrote:
> Try and put clocksource=hpet as a boot parameter.

i wonder, does anyone know where is stored the complete, comprehensive
list of boot parameters for any particular kernel, and what each does
or what visible symptom of trouble might (or will) be solved by using

i mean, maybe something like this:

symptom boot parameter NOTES

hang/freeze clocksource=hpet only on HP Latitude
(?) acpi=off anytime blah blah is also seen
(?) nosmp etc
(?) acpi=noirq
(?) nolapi
etc etc

wouldn’t that be “nice to have”?


i’m a newbie when it comes to linux… resently i installed openSUSE 11.1 Gnome, it hangs after sometimes… there was no problem during installation… but now it completely hangs after a few minutes after log in… could it be because of my hardware??? my pc is using
Pentium(R) 4 CPU
3.20GHz, 448 MB of RAM
Onboard graphics-
ATI RADEON XPRESS 200 Series, 256 MB

is it because of my dual boot with windows…i only kept 6.9 g.b for / and 4.9 g.b for the /home and 1 g.b swap

i had this same problem with ubuntu 8