OpenSUSE 11.1 freezes

My OpenSUSE 11.1 x86_64 system freezes since a few weeks ago. First I thought it was because of the beta’s I’ve tested in this time, but it was not.
I’ve reinstalled the whole system and it also freezes without any modifications.
I think it’s not the RAM, I’ve done the standard memtest which is on the OpenSUSE DVD, then I thought it is the Razer mouse (which is a little bit broken), but it also freezes with other mouses.
The strange thing is that this freeze only occurs in linux and it occurs since I’ve got bad overclocking message from my MB (I got also bluescreens in windows), but now Windows runs fine.

What could be the problem?

Are you running any software that uses inotify, e.g. Samba, dovecot?

Yes, I think samba is running. :shame:
How can I upgrade the kernel and the kernel-sources?

11.1 systems locking up? - openSUSE Forums

The kernel update changed nothing :frowning:

I’ve found the problem! :slight_smile:
There was DVD in the DVD drive. I’ve just put the DVD out and now it works fine! (strange thing).

Plasma freezes sometimes, but that should be no problem… :wink: