Opensuse 11.1 failing at the first hurdle

I’m sorry if this is a lame question but I have a problem that means I don’t even know where to start. I bought the “Opensuse 11.1Live and 32-bit installation CD” and am trying to install onto my old laptop, completely overwriting Windows XP which I don’t need any more.

When I boot from CD the menu I get does not look like the screenshots I have seen on the Web - there is no “install” button to click - only a “Opensuse Live” button. When I click on this it whirs away for a while and then presents me with a black screen and an MS-DOS style “Login:” prompt. At this point I don’t have a clue what to do as none of the tutorials seem to cover this eventuality.

If somebody could help get me started I’d be very grateful.


You bought a live cd? It’s free to download. You can purchase the boxed dvd edition or download the free dvd.
The live cd should boot to a green boot options screen.

Tell us more about you cd

Just boot from the live-cd. After a while you will get a desktop, with an Install-shortcut. After that, follow directions

And writing on top of your XP might not be the best decision. You can shrink the Windows partition to minimum (which is the default value while installing), but removing it is not recommended since you will need drivers to inherit from and other stuff eventually( for example: using wine to execute a windows app. that is not available for Linux.)