OpenSUSE 11.1 / Eee PC 901

Does anyone know how Eee PC friendly 11.1 will be?

I have been trying to get answers to this question:

11.1 - default support for flash based computers?
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Intel 2.5.1 video driver in 11.1?
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I am running opensuse 11.1 beta5.1 off a flash drive right now cloned to it with he live installer provided in yast. It took two tries so far and I’m about to reboot to see if I got my
grub configured. I hadto use a mini iso to boot this time.

but will the installer just recognise a flash drive and apply the appropriate configurations for me?

eg - select UBIFS filesystem and disable page file, tec.

I have no idea. I could afford $60us for an 8gig flash drive but surely not $300 for a flash based computer. Have you researched Eee pc-901. The big issue would be that the O S
being on ROM and not RAM don’t know if it is but that should be looked into

This from wickipedea
Compatible operating systems

As the Eee PC uses a standard x86 processor, most PC operating systems can be installed with little effort. However, full hardware support varies, especially for the latest models. The following operating systems are known to work:

cheers for the info.

but saying winXP has full support for the eeepc does not highlight the point that a default install of XP will quickly knacker the flash drive.

which is acceptable in a circa 2001 OS, but not in an OS due out at the end of 2008.

Have you read the wiki page on installing openSUSE on the EeePC?
OpenSUSE on the EeePC - openSUSE

I am curious, though, how well it actually works. Please post your experience!

Oh yes! I’ve read it, printed it, and re-read it!!!

I’m waiting for the release of 11.1, then I’ll give it a few weeks just in case there are any serious “issues” (remember 10.1?), then I’ll try to install it. I’ll post my experiences.

In the meantime, this post is quite interesting:

EeeUser ASUS Eee PC Forum / openSUSE onto SDHC without CD drive -> STUCK!

opensuse 11.1 GM will not provide an option to select 1024x576 as required by my Lenovo Ideapad S10e.

Does 11.0?

Aww… that sucks! When I think Linux on the Lenovo Ideapad S10 I immediately think of openSUSE! (I dunno why either…)

I take it, it isn’t as easy as just manually changing the conifig file to include 1024x576?

i probably could, but i don’t know how, and quite frankly if i could be bothered to learn then i’d be using slackware rather than opensuse. :slight_smile:

opensuse supplies Sax2 for graphical configuration and i expect it to work. let me be clear; i don’t mind that the initial install does not correctly set the resolution, but i absolutely expect Sax to present the correct resolution as a selectable option.

no idea, but i avoided 11.0 because it froze development before the bulk of the diamondville netbooks arrived so i figured hardware support would be terrible.

Will the eee S101 work out-of-the-box?
I think, I’m going to buy it…