OpenSuSE 11.1 DVD - can't install


I have just downloaded the OpenSuSE 11.1 DVD for installation in VMWare.

It boots - and I get the YAST installation wizard - on the first Next (where you choose) Language and Keyboard layout. I receive an error on a repository / path. I have downloaded and re-downloaded the DVD image ISO file - but the installation keeps on failing.

Is it me or is it the Image? :’(

You are using the .iso rather than a burned dvd? It sounds like that is what you are saying. Which is fine, even better. If you used bittorrent to download there is no need to re-download, just perform a re-check of all the pieces. You can actually import an .iso downloaded another way in to a torrent client and check it, but it’s a little complicated.

Then do a hash md5sum check as described here:
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