OpenSuSE 11.1 completely freezes after some time

Hi at all!

I have a big problem with OpenSuSE 11.1, it keeps freezing after some hours up. Keyboard and mouse are completely dead, and sometimes the screen blanks in the moment of freeze.
One time it froze during heavier disk activity, and I could hear the head moving to parking position.

I have installed all the latest updates suggested by the update application.

At first I thougt this would be a problem with KDE, and as the computer is being used as a home server, I switched to runlevel 3, but the problem persists.

The computer ran without any problems under OpenSuSE 10.3, so I don’t think this issue is due to defect hardware.

My hardware config:
Gigabyte GA-MA69G S3H mainboard with Sempron LE processor and 2 GB of RAM, IDE harddisk and SATA DVD drive.

Any suggestions, hints or help would be appreciated.
This is really nagging me, the computer ran 24/7 for months without any issues before installing 11.1

P.S.: As I am no native English speaker, be patient with me…

Check your logs. /var/logs

Maybe try adding noapic and nolapic to your boot line (just type it at the end of the line in grub).

See if that helps.

To test the actual machine for defects, maybe boot and run the 10.3 liveCD, then also the 11.1 liveCD, see if any problems surface.

Hmm, the logs don’t tell me very much…
It seems the error can’t be logged because the system is totally freezed.

But sometimes I get tons of “Kernel: keyboard.c: can’t emulate rawmode for keycode 24” messages, interrupted by “kernel: __ratelimit: 130 callbacks suppressed” in /var/log/messages.

In /var/log/warn, there is a message "kernel: hda-intel: Invalid position buffer, using LPIB read method instead.

I forgot to mention before: the first 2 times I connected a USB stick the system froze and the screen got black right after plugging in.
Can this be related to the issue?

TheGreatCornholio wrote:
> I forgot to mention before: the first 2 times I connected a USB stick
> the system froze and the screen got black right after plugging in.
> Can this be related to the issue?

Plugging a USB stick shouldn’t cause a problem - I’ve done it many
times; however, if you can force a freeze, then there is some hope for
finding the cause. Before you insert the USB stick, switch to the
logging console by pressing the CRTL. ALT, and F10 keys
simultaneously. If an error message is being generated, it should
appear on that screen even if it doesn’t make it to the disk.

If a message does show on the screen, you will need to take a photo of
it, or hand transcribe the data.

BTW, to return to the normal screen, use CTRL, ALT, and F7 simultaneously.


I’ve added the noapic and nolapic switches, but it freezed again.

The trick with the USB stick doesn’t always work. I just got it going one time since my last post.
But if it works, the screen immediately turns black. So I can’t see if there are any messages or errors thrown.

I would be looking at the hardware.

Maybe try running a liveCD and see if that works properly, if it does then maybe look at checking the hard disk, then RAM.

I would try 10.3, 11.1, and then maybe ubuntu 8.10 to see if there is a difference.

Next would come the mainboard capacitors (check for bulging, search google for “popped capacitors” for more info), and the power supply.

I might be way off track (and usually am :slight_smile: but it’s worth checking.

Are you running a samba or dovecot server on your machine?

If so, it might be this kernel bug. You’ll find instructions for updated kernels in the thread. Alternatively if you can live without samba services for a while, try shutting it down and see if your system stops freezing.

11.1 systems locking up? - openSUSE Forums

I had same sort of problems with my openSUSE box, what i found out was that there was something wrong with BIOS (i updated it and it helped), also i fiddled with some settings in BIOS like USB legacy support etc.

Try that.

The hardware should be ok. Capacitors, psu and voltages look good.
I installed Windows XP on one of my old spare disks, and all ran flawlessly. Ubuntu 6.10 (yes I know that’s quite old, but I already had that lying around:X) also showed no problems.

And I already had OpenSuSE 10.3 installed and running since short after it was released.

Nevertheless I increased RAM voltage and installed the newest BIOS, just to be sure that can be excluded…

@ken_yap: Yes, I am running dovecot, and samba is installed but not yet running due to my problem.
The kernel bug described in the link you posted sounds very much like the symptoms I have.

Thanks a lot for the hint, I’ll give it a try. :slight_smile:

@ken_yap: Final status:
I have installed the new kernel, and now everything works just fine.
Many thanks to you again :), you saved me from getting a heart attack on this… :beat-up:

You try upgraging your kernel.

Excellent, another OpenSUSE user lives to see another day. :slight_smile:

mkather wrote:
> Go back to SuSE 10.2, it’s stable. I Also went back after regular
> freezings (every 24hours) of my Samba server.

WRONG 10.2 has been discontinued, do NOT use.

Kind regards,
Andreas Stieger