openSUSE 11.1: Bootsplash or Splashy?

Hi, I’m in the process of compiling my own custom kernel right now. I read on the bootsplash website that I need to apply patches to the kernel in order to get it working. During the installation however, I saw two bootscreens being installed: Bootsplash and Splashy. Which one does openSUSE 11.1 use? Just asking because I don’t want to waste an hour’s worth of time to compile my kernel twice. thanks. :slight_smile:

Bootsplash :slight_smile:

As rozbarwinek says, it uses bootsplash. The patch does not work with the newer vanilla kernels. opensuse must be using a custom patch. opensuse should switch to splashy. Easier to use.

okay, that clears up everything. thanks. :slight_smile: i compiled the vanilla kernel yesterday and it didn’t work just like you said. anyway’s i guess i’ll just grab opensuse’s kernel source from the repos and compile that with bootsplash support. btw, does anyone know if or how i can replace bootsplash with splashy? bootsplash is waaay too old… thanx.

I agree it is too old. Replacing with splashy is difficult. You have to modify opensuse’s startup scripts, particularly the one that calls bootsplash to display the image. You have to hack it to launch /usr/sbin/splashy to render the splashy image. Plus you may have to write code to program in the progress bar.

Second, opensuse’s mkinitrd is designed to embed a bootsplash image file in the /boot/initrd file. To embed a splashy image, you have to unpack the archive manually, add the image file, and repack it. After all of that, the file format may still be incompatible.

In a splashy enabled distro, all of the above is done for you.

wow, that’s a lot of work… and i really don’t think that i can manage to do all that without messing up my computer. i compiled opensuse’s kernel from source and enabled my video card’s framebuffer device and bootsplash support. the console kicks into 1024x768@60hz@16bpp just the way it’s supposed to. however, i still don’t get the bootsplash screen. :frowning:

running “mkinitrd -s 1024x768” gives me this:

splash image: openSUSE (1024x768)

“splash” and “splash_early” are enabled in yast > system > system runlevels. anyone know how i can get bootsplash working on my computer? thanks.