openSuse 11.1 Beta NVIDIA driver available

Hi all,

I tried to install NVIDIA driver 173.14.12 on openSuse 11.1 Beta 4, but no matter what, even with gcc, make and kernel-sources installed, the shell script kept moaning about the kernel.

So, I found these:-

They are beta drivers for 173.14.15 and they work really well! Make sure to put compositing etc into xorg.conf afterwards.

That’s all really.

I’ve installed the 11.1 beta4 and installed the NVIDIA-Linux-<arch>, downloaded from nvidia and it works…

I have bought recently a DELL latitude E6500 laptop, and intalled Open SUSE 11. The problem I am facing is that the graphic drivers are not working properly. (Display icons/fonts too large,)
I do not know if the graphic card is detected at all or not?
The garphic card is Nvidia Quadro NVS 160M 256 MB DDR3.
please suggest me wht to do?

Hello, I just downloaded these packages:, and They are very unusual, and exotic looking. I am used to the RPM, tgz, or the Debs, but this is a new animal. What do I do with them?

See this: NVIDIA - The hard way - openSUSE


for opensuse 11.1 a newer stable driver (177.82) is avaible by Yast2.
The new beta drivers can be downloaded from:



P.S.: I’am using for DELL precision M4400 (quadro 770M) the newest beta driver 180.18