OpenSUSE 11.1 and O2Micro OZ711Mx

After googling a while …
first, I tried to compile the PCSC-Driver (fm MUSCLE) by myself, but I had too many troubles caused by the includes in ozscr.c.
The first include <linux/config.h> was changed to <linux/configfs.h>.
Puh … it works but:
I stopped at <pcmia/version.h> and the following pcmcia-includes.
These files are missed in /usr/src/linux/drivers/pcmcia :frowning:

Then I found the OpenSUSE Build-Project pcsc-o2micro and tried to install it … sh…!
This package includes only three documents and no kernel-modules or any other drivers.
Is it right, or am I wrong?

Can anybody help me, to get my MMC-Reader to work?

Hasta … Peedy