openSUSE 11.1 and MacBook Pro Sync Errors

Hi guys.

I’ve been trying to get openSUSE 11.1 to install on my MacBook Pro (Penryn). The install goes alright, however after install, when i try and resync the tables using rEFIt, it returns the error: Analysis inconclusive: will not touch this disk. On analysis of the GPT/MBR records, SDA3 and SDA4 MBR end LBA is 1 less than the GPT end LBA (with windows being on SDA3 and opensuse being on SDA4).


Start LBA End LBA
SDA3: 12345 12344
SDA4: 12345 12344

Any ideas on a solution? I’m pretty sure its because openSUSE 11.1 tries to resync the GPT/MBR tables at the end of install, so is there a way to turn this off?

For the record, Ubuntu works, but only because it destroys the MBR, and you can rebuild the tables by syncing with rEFIt after your ubuntu install… and I would use ubuntu, if i didn’t like YAST that much. lol.

Thanks in advance.



Just a quick update, SDA3 is linux (with grub installed on it as well as the OS), and SDA4 is windows, my bad, just noticed the mistype.