OpenSuse 11.1 and Hardware

My PC has 3 EIDE HDD’s and has the capacity for 2 SATA II HDD’s.

I wanted to know if Opensuse 11.1 had any problems with SATA II HDD’s? Also, if there are no problems, can I just insert the new SATA II drive I have into the PC WITHOUT taking out the EIDE drives?

Also, I have a sound card, Turtle Beach Santa Cruz 5.1. It works fine with Opensuse 10.3. Does anyone have the same sound card and is able to tell me if there are any problems with this card and Opensuse 11.1


P.S very disappointed to see that neither OpenSuse nor Novel were at the CeBit.

If there are problems, they are usually caused by the SATA controler and not by the HDD. Which type of SATA controler is on your motherboard ?
Older SATA controlers made by VIA might have problems with SATA-II drives and you have to switch the HDD back to SATA-I mode. And there is also a little chance that there is no driver for the controler.

When you install the SATA HDD you have to make sure, that BIOS still boots the IDE drives.

Sorry, I down’t own such a card.

Thank you.