OpenSuse 11.1 64bit -- windows partitions no longer mounted

Until recently, Windows partitions were automatically mounted
upon OpenSUSE upon boot on start up. Now, although they are
listed on fstab, they are not accessible following recent updates
(the last time I booted) on my system. I have not found any updated system files in the usual directories (etc boot, fstab). There were several system updates in the past few days.

I did experience problems with the update software – which seemed
to take over my system in such an aggressive way to leave a continuing set of updating messages filling up the right hand of the screen (a problem I had months ago) which could only be stopped
by logging out or restarting the system by shutting it down.

This behavior sometimes persisted even when the network
cable was disconnected.

At the previous time (almost a year ago) I had similar update
problems with both the 32 and 64 bit versions of OpenSuse.

I think you’re mostly asking about the windows partitions. If they’re NTFS, test if the shut down cleanly last time by running this mount command on each of them:

sudo ntfs-3g /dev/sdXY /windowx/Z

Report here what happens.

You have to supply the correct X, Y and Z to suit your partitions.
If you don’t know what X, Y and Z are then post the response you get to this command:

sudo /sbin/fdisk -l