openSuse 11.0 x64bit nVidia Drivers (SOLVED: use Beta)

This is help for others:

Ive just installed suse 11.0 x64bit over my 10.3 installation (formated first) and have been met with some interesting challenges! The most annoying has been problems with the gfx driver from nvidia. I have a geforce 9800 gx2 which I used the standard nvidia 173.14.09 drivers, avaiable from the site at the moment.

Ok so once installed I am unable to get any opengl stuff to work, Im unable to get composite to work as well! Running of glxinfo is met with glxCreateContext failed. I checked the extensions blaa blaa blaaa

After hours of trying various things, config changes etc I downloaded the latest beta drivers 177.13. Now I have lovely, opengl working and composite enabled with lots of cool effects YAY!

Who knows it might help ya!