openSUSE 11.0: Where did the Community Repositories go?

I just installed fresh openSUSE 11.0. When adding the Community Repositories in “Configured Software Repositories - YAST” I receive the following message:

Unable to download list of repositories
or no repositories defined.”

Is this a system glitch or did someone remove the link to the repositories?

Don’t know where they went - I suspect they were tired and needed a rest. I had the same problem yesterday - tonight its gone;)

I’m glad it works for you, but I still get the same warning.

By the way, I’m getting this response on my both computers. One of them is freshly installed, and another is installed before the summer. I know that adding repositories worked properly at that time.

It will work again once the download infrastructure is completely back from power outtake/hardware suffer.

as far as i know all power was restored on sunday…everything
should be working but i see problems here, and on usenet…

i have no idea why (it works perfect here [Denmark])…anyone have a
hot line to the networking gurus in opensuse/


I experience this too.

I notice that when you examine the control.xml file which it references to find the URL for community repos, it is looking for “”…or something similar (can’t check it right now). This YaST directory is not listed when you look at the parent directory “”.

I guess we just hold our breath and wait for them to re-add it?

Ah, I got home from work and checked this again and the /YaST/ directory is now there again and the community repos list works once again!

If anyone had this fault you should retry it again now and hopefully you too will be fine.

You are right!
It works again for me as well.

It does not work at all for me, and never has. The problem seems to be that there is an entry in control.xml of <external_sources_link></external_sources_link> and there is no such URL. I am guessing that this is where YaST is supposed to obtain the list of repositories.

There is another complication in my case, because my machine is behind a corporate firewall over which I have no control. However updates do work, based on the standard repos, so I am inclined to think that the firewall has nothing to do with this, and it is simply a mismatch between what is on the DVD and the server.

The problem seems to be fixable by putting the correct URL here, but why is it broken? Have the servers been rearranged? And, what should the URL be? Or is this the wrong entry in control.xml, and something else needs to be changed?

tiger9999 wrote:
> The problem seems to be
> that there is an entry in control.xml of
> <external_sources_link></external_sources_link>
> and there is no such URL.

it exist…
i just copy/pasted it into firefox and am looking at it…
it is not very long:

<servers config:type=“list”>
<installation_repo config:type=“boolean”>true</installation_repo>
<official config:type=“boolean”>true</official>
[snip, about dozen more lines]

so, to me it sounds like a local (for you) networking problem…can
you check with your “corporate firewall” administrator and see if s/he
is blocking, and why??

running 10.3 and seeding while downloading 11.2 DVD (64) and GNOME Live CD

Thanks for your response. Just knowing that the URL should work was a very big help.

The URL is now visible here, but it has made no difference. I think there must be two problems. It was only yesterday that I looked in the control.xml file, and tried the URL, and at that time I could see part of the file tree on the server but stuff beyond was incomplete, so I now assume that was a temporary server problem.

I still get the same error message, and no community repos, which suggests that, as I can see the repos, something else is broken, maybe in YaST itself.

Anyway. I just copied out the several repository URLs in the link, once I had access to it, and added them manually, which should do what I need.

IT deny that they are blocking anything related to this, but they use a product called Websense as well as the firewall, and it has a mind of its own sometimes. It possibly may have categorised the relevant URL as something unacceptable, however that should have thrown up a message in the browser. But I guess we will never know.

I will be updating to 11.2 soon, hopefully it will not have this problem!