openSuse 11.0: Upgrade or Clean install ?

I am using openSuse 10.3 and happily running with all my PCs and Laptops connected in my home network. Now planning to upgrade to newly released 11.0.

Which is better, upgrade from 10.3 or clean install ?

Hi jrahman,

I would definitely suggest a clean install if you have that option. Once installed you can copy over the data you want in 11.0.
Do you already have a separate /home partition?

On top of that, if you have the room on your drive(s) make a dual boot so you can test and build the new 11.0 setup. Once satisfied you switch over, until that time you can always boot back into 10.3. (maybe even keep the 10.3 partition intact for the next upgrade/clean install to 11.1 :wink: )

As always, make sure you make a backup of the important data before installing.


Let me second Magic31’s suggestion to install clean on a separate test partition if you can, especially if you are thinking about KDE 4.

I have a test partition for this purpose, and yet another partition which is a mirror of my production instance. I installed 11.0 test, and quickly saw the need to upgrade KDE 4.0 to 4.1beta, which is much better, but which still lacks functionality in 3.5 and, while more stable than 4.0, is obviously still immature. I am using this instance to periodically upgrade KDE 4 until it reaches an acceptable level for me.

I also did a test in-place upgrade on my mirror from the DVD. Interestingly, it installed KDE 4 as well as upgrading 3.5. And 3.5 is affected if KDE 4 is installed alongside. I didn’t positively need to do this, but it did help streamline the actual production upgrade.

Re the technique of retaining the old /home, if you so choose - IMO best that your clean install does not include KDE 4 unless you already have the KDE 4 tree under /home. If you do not, install KDE 4 as a later step only after you have brought back your old /home.

Clean install

Better is clean but upgrade is supported via DVD InstallCD.

I just didn’t format my /home
so all my settings and files were there in 11

A clean install is the best, even including a /home format, but not necessary.

keeping /home worked fine for me

I just completed a successful “clean” installation of version 11.0 on one of my PCs. It has been installed on the same partition of the previous version (10.3) and selected KDE 4.0. :slight_smile:

This PC is networked with RJ45 cable. But I am expecting more challenge ahead while installing in my other PCs with wireless network card. I remember, wireless network (D-Link chips) configuration was a BIG hassle for me in 10.3.

Lets see what happen… :rolleyes: