opensuse 11.0 update to kde4.2


I did an update to kde4.2 from the unstable repos from OBS.
I did the update from 4.1.2 up-to-date.
Everything happens on a opensuse 11.0 64 bit.

Now the questions:

  1. PowerDevil gives me a funky message
    the configuration module can not be started. …

Another power manager has been detected. …
This, I can not understand since I do not have any other power manager. I have taken kpowersave out.

  1. Kopete does not want to connect anymore. When I tell it to remember the password it does not the field becomes empty and the option unchecked.

Any thoughts?


ok! some answers

  1. powersave daemon should be killed and then the error message from powerdevil is gone.

  2. the problem seems to be kwalet. I have just delete the kwallet config file from .kde4 and it seems to work


also make sure kpowersave is not running. Anyone get kmix to work, I can’t get it to start up.

yes of course I took kpowersave out.

Kmix works perfect.


I scratched my head over that one too…(although in 4.1.2 factory rather than 4.2 in unstable) thought it was lithium first, but no. Turned out you need to uninstall powersaved. In other words, it is not a KDE power manager that has been detected but a general powersave daemon.

Unfortunately, removing powersaved necessitates removing smartmontools as well but if you feel you can live without that it is of little concern.

I found out that in fact you do not have to remove the powersave daemon (the smarttools dependence) all you have to do is to stop the daemon from the services.