Opensuse 11.0 screen gets black


I’m new here but I’m not a newby on Linux, (I’ve had Lindows, Mandrake 9,2, Ubuntu, SUSE 9.2/9.3/10.0/10.2.)

I want to install openSUSE 11.0 but everytime when it’s checking for hardware the screen goes black and it won’t respond to anything, the system freeses completely.

My system is a DELL Optiplex GX110, it has a 256mb memory a Intel 810E chipset and a onboard VGA card.

Who could help me out?

Regards, Bart

Have you tried to install in text mode? This will work sometimes with limited memory resources.

no I haven’t, I did try with automatic configuration and manual, but when it reaches the hardware configuration, it wont respond to anything, it’s like the onboard videocard turns of.
When I restart the PC everything is fine, but then I restart again it asks for login and so I do, but it does let me see the desktop, and then logof again, also when logged in as root.

I don’t understand this really, I think it’s a bug.

Regards, Bart

It probably is a bug. There is a similar one with ati mobility cards - it appears on the first login. Try the text installer.