opensuse 11.0, openoffice fails to display embedded objects

Following an upgrade from OpenSuse 10.2.10 and openoffice 2.1 to OpenSuse 11.0 and openoffice 2.4 I am confronted with the following issue:

Embedded objects in oo Impress (equations, tables) do not display when in edit (normal) mode, they do however display when one makes a presentation (that is in Slide Show mode). The objects are present (clicking on them allows me to edit them, but they remain invisible in edit (normal) mode).

I have posted this here (and not on an openoffice forum) because when I open the same file on a windows box with openoffice 2.4 installed everything renders perfectly.

So this suggests that it has something to do with opensuse 11.0 openoffice or with opensuse 11.0 java.

thanks for you help!

A follow up to my post:

it appears that the problem of not displaying embedded objects (equations and tables) is not restricted to objects created with previous versions of openoffice but extends to new objects created in new ooimpress (2.4.0) documents.

I suspect this to be a problem peculiar to opensuse.

system details: opensuse 11.0 on intel centrino laptop.


and yet another follow-up. This is turning into an excellent monologue. Installing OpenOffice from resolves the problem.

This is not the first time I have had impaired functionality from OpenSuse’s OpenOffice builds.

I am also astounded that no one really cares about this issue. These forums seem only too happy to engaged in conversations about getting the “eye candy” multi-media stuff to work - but when it comes to real functionality…silence.