openSuSE 11.0 on MacBook (Pro)

does anybody tried out that installation yet?

can the bootloader installed directly when installing openSuSE 11.0 or does one still have to install lilo after installing via rescue shell?

The boot process hung when I tried on a friend’s Intel-based. Macbook Pro, so I didn’t get anywhere near that far. I haven’t tried the DVD installer yet, though.

In case you had not seen it, don’t forget to check out this page:
OpenSUSE on a Mac - openSUSE

the examples that I noted linked to that page all referred to lilo.

Thanks for the reply, oldcpu. I ended up looking on the wiki shortly after posting, so I must have heard you mentally. :wink:

I am just interested if you get it up and running as I’m also trying to set up a dual boot on my Macbook Pro (2.6 ghz,17", 3.1), so let us know if it’s successful. I hope this request is appropriate forum behaviour. Thanks.