OpenSuse 11.0 on iSeries / System i

Hi @ all,

i want to install the opensuse 11 for PPC on my System i. So i created a logical partition and a virtuell storage space. I connected the storage space and the logical partition. I want to boot from the path (Streamfile)

But i get an error on the console:
Elapsed timesince release of system processors: 112mins 40secs DEFAULT CATCH!, exception-handler=fff00400
at %SRR0 00000000c0000000 %SRR1 0000000008003002
Open Firmware exception handler entered from non-OF code

Client’s fix Pt Regs
00 0000000000000000 00000000019dffe0 …
04 0000000000000000 0000000000c39a68 …
Special Regs:
%IV 00000400 …
Virtual PID = 0
PFW: Unable to send error log

Can anyone help me ???