openSUSE 11.0 on Ideapad Y510.

**Laptop **- Ideapad Y510 (IBM/Lenovo)
Model No. 775844Q

I installed openSUSE 11.0 on this laptop and the results were quite satisfactory.
All most all the hardwares worked out of the box.

Major problems :
The USB Webcam needs the UVC driver and suse automatically installs that.Even on the UVC website it is in the supported hardware list but the image appears upside down. I have mailed to the author and waiting for his response.
Secondly, the internal dial up modem needs smartlink modem to run but i have not been successful in running that.
That’s all rest all hardwares run absolutely fine.
TV card ---- not tested.
I think we can update this in the openSUSE HCL List.
waiting for some suggestions … :slight_smile: