opensuse 11.0 kernel upgrade crash x11

I have been trying to live with opensuse 11.1 but I have had so many problems with it that I cannot stand it anymore,

I decided to downgrade to opensuse 11.0 with kernel 2.6.25 and I am now trying to upgrade kernel to 2.6.27. I tried upgrading using the packages from I downloaded the kernel-default

everything installed fine, however when I restarted my computer to load the new kernel, Xserver would not load, so then I tried loading sax2 to see if I can change anything but sax2 would also fail

This is the last two lines of the output from xorg log file:

Fatal Error:
couldn't bind memory for front buffer

for now I downgraded back to 2.6.25 however I would really like to upgrade to 2.6.27 since my wireless, intel 5300, and many of my other devices are supported on the .27 kernel.

does anyone have any suggestions?