openSUSE 11.0 joins AD as a Domain Controller

I joined my openSUSE 11.0 box to my winows domain. Logons are working great and so are file shares. The only problem is that Active Directory lists this machine as a Domain Controller. Its not behaving as one and I dont think its a real harm. I just dont want someone less knowledgeable thinking that I am running my own DC and causing a big fuss about it. I have a screenshot but no server to post it to sorry :frowning:

When I search for my machine it lists “Domain Controller” under “Role”

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Could you please describe step by step way for joining openSUSE11 to AD as a DC for newbies?

I’d appreciate a link or information on how you bound and got fileshares working. Im working on testing various linux distributions for a school district in an Active Directory environment, and have only had success getting logins working (no Kerb, no shares) on ubuntu with Likewise.

I am no expert by an means but I will explain what I did to join the machine to my windows domain.

In yast, Click Network Services. Click Windows Domain Membership. Allow yast to install samba-client if it asks to. Enter the fully qualified domain name in the “domain or workgroup” box.

I checked “Also use Samba information for linux Authentication.” This allowed me to logon to the machine AS my domain account. Click “create home direcotry on logon” to prevent an error about the home folder not existing. I didnt select anything else in this wizard.

I then clicked Finish. I was then prompted for credentials to join the PC to the domain. I entered my domain credentials and after a few minutes it said “you have successfully joined the windows domain.” I rebooted the pc and signed on as “mydomain\mhicks”. I had a successful sign on so I tested my file share by opening konqueror. I entered into the address bar:‘smb://machinename/share’ without quotes. Example: smb://mhicks/c$ and I was able to view my share without being prompted for authentication. mhicks is the hostname of my machine

By the way smb shares where the only thing I could get to work. I didnt try much else but when I noticed that the machine showed up in AD as a Domain Controller so I decided to remove it from the domain since I was just goofing off anyway. And on just about every machine in the network the opensuse pc was trying to signon as ‘nobody’ and these authentication failures where showing up in peoples event log.

I hope this helps. If not just play with google a bit.