OpenSUSE 11.0 GRUB Problems

I have a problem when opensuse 11 installation is installing grub into any partition being the root partition or any other partition, these problems are the same I’ve been having with all previous version of opensuse.

when installation gets to the point of installing grub, grub reports back an error that it cannot the partition location is not found.

The only way last time I got passed this with open suse 10.3 was to install mandriva linux afterwards since mandriva was able to install grub without a problem, and then just manually added opensuse to grub on mandriva.

Can anyone help with this problem? I don’t want to re-install mandriva again.

This is the error reported in the YaST2 console output box:

Error occurred while installing GRUB.
GNU GRUB version 0.97

grub> setup --stage2=/boot/grub/stage2 (hd0,7)(hd0,7)

Error 21: Selected disk does not exist

Maybe try to create an /boot partition at the beginning of the disk. Sometimes older BIOSes cannot read from the back of the Harddisk before the OS takes over.

Well I tried LILO and it reports a same problem.
I think it has to do with OpenSUSE trying to automatically setup a raid device for my computer and grub is failing when trying to read a raid device string.

I don’t think making the /boot partition will help since its a partition just like root partition.

And my bios isn’t old, this is a new computer I built last winter. With the raid, I’m not even using it, and mandriva doesn’t install the raid drivers so I think that is where the difference is at.