OpenSuSE 11.0 for PS3 (PPC) - New 80GB model

A quick question. Now that Sony has released the new 80GB PS3 (9/2008) to replace to old 40GB/80GB models, does anybody know whether the new hardware supports booting another OS ?

IOW - Can OpenSuSE be installed on the new PS3 ?

Thanks in advance for any answers…


No replied to date. Has anyone installed OpenSUSE for PS3 on the new model ???

Not myself, but why would you surmise that it wouldn’t work? Disk access from ps3 hypervisor is virtualized.

Btw, having a problem with opensuse 11 right now not (re)booting after applying online updates. Install works like a charm though. Using XFCE for desktop. Virtual Framebuffer Device CPU usage seems much smaller and more efficient that YDL5. Only consuming about 3% CPU constantly in 1080p right now.

I’m on the original 60GB model.

I have two more questions before I pull the trigger on the installation.

  1. I have heard that you are limited to a 10GIG partition for the Linux OS (I assume Type 83 - EXT3) regardless of the size you choose to lower the PS3 partition by. Is this true?

  2. I have heard that people are having difficulty with getting the wireless NIC to work. Can anyone comment on this. Is the internal wireless card working for most people on OpenSuSE 11.0 ? If I use a USB wireless card that is supported native to the kernel (no NDISwrapper), can this be used instead assuming there are problems ?


Regarding partitions, there are only 2 choices - 10GB to Linux, rest of GBs to PS3 - or - 10GB to PS3, rest of GBs to Linux.

Regarding wireless, wireless in Linux can be a pain when using WPA encryption and/or hidden SSIDs so I wanted to prepare a little walkthrough for you which I haven’t gotten around to yet.

I have the original 60GB model, so not sure if my wireless working would help solve your question if the newer ones are on different chipsets - but you should know that Sony is contributing patches directly to the Linux kernel so support would be eventual or perhaps a custom kernel compile from right now.

I went with YDL 6 on a 10Gig partition. I use both SuSE and RHEL at work and with YDL being based on CentOS, I was very comfortable with the interface. Anyway, it worked great (sound, wireless, etc. all work) and with some of the other Yum repos added I have upgraded Firefox to v3, added Opera and several other packages.

My only problem is the gnash and sfwdec with the Mozilla plugins still don’t support most flash sites (ie - Youtube and

If interested, I added a wireless configuration guide for opensuse 11 on PS3 under this thread:

Setting up wireless using WPA for PS3 with SUSE 11 - openSUSE Forums