OpenSuse 11.0 Crashing Left n Right on Asus G1S-A1

All is nice when I logged in as root…in Gnome

But the POS opensuse 11.0 must’ve crashed/frozen 10+ time by now, in a regular user account (Default user groups: video, dialup, user), in Gnome.

I’ve installed OpenSuse 11.0 5 or 6 times by now, it crashed even the 1st time I logged in using a regular user acct, after a fresh install.

Again, I’ve NOT had 1 crash using the “root” acct, in Gnome.

WTF is this !!!:mad::mad::mad:

OpenSuse 11.0 just crashed again, using KDE3 this time, again in my regular user mode.

I suspect Opensuse 11.0 will crash/freeze, regardless of the desktop, as long as I log in using a regular user’s account.

God Bless Open Source.

These many crashes are unusual. What are the crash symptoms? A quick reboot? A freeze? Or a shutdown?

What did you install from? A purchased boxed DVD? or a CD/DVD you downloaded and burned your self? If downloaded, what sort of md5sum checking did you do? Please be precise.

What is your graphic hardware? What graphic driver are you using?

ALL ARE Freezes, most happened no more than 5 min after I logged in USING A REGULAR USER Account.

I got my ISO from “”.

did NOT do any md5sum, don’t know what program have to use to check.

8600M GT, Freezes happened with nvidia’s Drivers, AND with no extra driver installed at all, BUT ONLY IN A REGULAR USER ACCOUNT.

Like I said earlier, I HAVE NOT had a FREEZE/Crash once using the “root” account.

There is a good possibility this is your problem. You MUST do the md5sum check.

Please read our installation stickie, and pay particular attention to what it states about md5sum checks
NEWBIES - Suse-11.0 Pre-installation – PLEASE READ - openSUSE Forums

The fact the behaviour occurs more often than with a root account doesn’t mean that much if you have a bad installation CD/DVD (because the md5sum did not match), as a bad CD/DVD can have unpredictable effects. The freeze could just be a symtom of bad permissions due to the bad CD/DVD (or some other such affect).

Well I already deleted the iso, so can I make an ISO Image using my burnt OpenSuse 11.0 DVD ? and then do a MD5sum check on the iso ?

Sorry, found the answer in the link you provided.

I recommend you follow the method here, which will put an iso file (from the cd/dvd) on your hard drive.
openSUSE Forums - View Single Post - DVD to ISO

You can then run the md5sum check against that.

Hey Old_CPU,

I used 1 of your methods you provided to extract a md5sum from my

opensuse 11 DVD i Burnt, and it turned out that the md5sum of my

DVD is the CORRECT one. so I guess md5sum is NOT the source of

my problem.

dd if=/dev/dvd | head --bytes=4602126336 | md5sum
8988544+0 records in
8988544+0 records out
ed6a5b3feb668866df812b1c2aed9d7f -
4602134528 bytes (4.6 GB) copied, 541.519 s, 8.5 MB/s

the md5sums from

ed6a5b3feb668866df812b1c2aed9d7f openSUSE-11.0-DVD-i386.iso

113c3ef0509db0e00310e19085f3a197 openSUSE-11.0-DVD-ppc.iso
512c8346b0f8eb35f28c4eb96454d391 openSUSE-11.0-DVD-x86_64.iso

Indeed. Well done in doing the check and eliminating that possibility.

OK, my experience is a random freeze is possibly caused by:
a. bad memory,
b. bad graphic driver or bad graphic card/chipset
c. bad ethernet card/driver

You could focus your search on that. Run a memory test for 12 hours or so, … try a different graphic driver. A possible ethernet problem can be harder to track down, and I have no suggestions.

Also, take a look in your log messages under /var/log to see if you have any indications in the log messages as to what the cause of the freeze may have been (ie messages just before the freeze).

When I do Google search for
freeze “Asus G1S-A1”
I see chatter about needing BIOS update, etc, etc.
You may want to do some investigating at Asus website
or contact support.

Just a guess…


My Asus G1s runs perfectly on Vista.

And I’ve had opensuse for about 3 days now,

All my 10+ freezes happened on a regular user account.

I’ve NOT had 1 freeze using a root account.

anyways, I’m trying to crash it so I can get some error msgs and hopefully i’ll get some.

same issue here.
Hardware is a Sony VAIO VGN FS-660. Installed from
boxed DVD (upgrade from 10.2).

No issues at all on 10.2 or the dual-booted XP. Suse 11 freezes
within a few minutes.

Any help appreaciated.

got myself quite a few patches from the OpenSuse Repositories, opensuse 11 has been stable for the past 30 min of so (in a Regular User Account !!!),

hopefully this stability will Last !!