openSUSE 11.0 and Ubuntu 8.04

Your thoughts and comments about both would be appreciated - i really dont know which to go for! Only have hdd space for one!

i’d say try them both and pick your favourite. both are fine in their own right. depends on what you want and need in a distro.

Opensuse has great graphical (sysadmin) tools if that is important. Ubuntu has apt-get (nuff said!). Opensuse’s KDE4 is WAY WAY (and did i say WAY yet) better but ubuntu does gnome quite okay and without that SLAB thing.

Both are a little on the “heavy” bloated side imho but that does mean your favourite app is probably already installed.

I seriously dislike the ubuntuforums though its sheer size and newbie level make it impossible for a serious post not to be whisked away to page three in minutes by “Countdown to Inteprid Ibex threads”.

For me Arch is better still but hey to each his own. And if you are feeling brave and daring i’d say go for Fedora9.