OpenSUSE 11.0 and K3B - Dual Layer

Just recently, and not quite sure why, but I can’t seem to burn anything past 50% with K3b.

This only happens with DL (double layer DVDs)

I removed K3B, reinstalled it, rebooted.

Still wasting DVD-DLs because it just won’t go past 50 percent.

Anyone have any clues?

Go to Settings>Configure>Devices

On my setup it only burns + dual layer, not - dual layer.

I found my problem.

Apparently, I needed a newer version of Wodim.

Here’s the scoop. I was using K3b from Packman (v1.0.5) on my KDE 3.5.10 OpenSUSE v11.0

The “wodim --version” gave me 1.1.7

I couldn’t find the updated 1.1.8 version in Updates.

So I went to:

Searched for ‘wodim’ and updated it using the ‘OneClick’.
I also updated by ‘cdrkit’ as well with ‘OneClick’.
(that added another repository that I never subscribed to before, but now will keep it in my list).

Now I am fixed, it burns at dual layer.

Apparently 1.1.7 was buggy for me.
I wonder if anyone else is having problems with 1.1.7

I am suprised that 1.1.8 is not out in the updates, because this is the first time that something is in the updates that didn’t work for me.

It was driving me crazy.

And just to let everyone else know, I was trying to burn large files on a DVD DL - so that being a data DVD.
I wasn’t trying to burn a movie, or .iso, or make it bootable. I was just trying to backup some large files.