openSUSE 11.0 32bit PC - Brightnes keys and Battery issues

Recently I install opensuse 11.0 on HP omnibook xe4500.
Default installation from DVD. Then update from network repositories was done. After update I found that no battary detected and Fn-brightnes keys are useless. And one more thing - reboot stops somewhere (endless). After looking on installed kernel (kernel-pae, kernel for machines with big RAM) I replaced it to default kernel by yast. And now it work OK - reboot is ok, battery detected, and brightnes keys are functional.

“hotkey-setup” from Packman repository was installed. But I remove this package and all works ok without it.

Hope this well help…

First, WELCOME to our forum. Thanks for the info !

I have a favour to ask … If you get the chance, can you update the openSUSE HCL for laptops, adding your model? HCL/Laptops/HP - openSUSE
If you find the wiki syntax too painful, if you pass me the info on your laptop, I can do the update for you. thanks!

Syntax is ok (at first glance), but there is no section for Omnibook XExxxx series. So I put info here.

Laptop: HP Omnibook xe4500
Installation source: OpenSuSE 11.0 DVD 32bit
Update: from current network repositories (21 oct 2008)

Video: OK, 3d acceleration OK, no additional tuning
Sound: OK, no additional tuning
Ethernet: OK, no additional tuning
Wireless: N/A
Bluetooth: N/A
InfraRed: recognized, not tested
USB: OK, no additional tuning
PCMCIA: recognized, not tested
Modem: recognized, not tested
Power Management: There are problems with battary, Fn-brightnes keys under PAE kernel. It seems OK with “kernel-default”. But sometimes ACPI return wrong values for battary paramerers, as mentioned somewhere on this forum. Suspend to RAM/disk features not tested.

Many Thanks, … I did a quick cut-and-paste / wiki code hack:
HCL/Laptops/HP - openSUSE - xe4500
Let me know if I made any mistakes, and I’ll correct them.

It seems all correct.