openSUSE 10.4-red colored items in listed packages

Could someone please explain what red colored lines in a package list signify? I mean when I go to YaSt>software management>pattern. When selecting a pakage on the left pane, a number of listed items on the right panel are shown in red and some shown in blue. I have discovered that blue colored one signify a need to update. but, what are the red colored one and what needs to be done, if any?

I think that means you have a newer version installed than what is in the default repos.

Thanks for your reply!
Would this possibly cause any problem? Is there any way to revert back to the defaults? I do have quite a few red colored items listed in most categories. I have not tested every single programs/apps in my openSUSE 10.3 yet and am afraid that I may get into troubles at some point. I do not mind to revert back to the defults if possible by any means.
BTW, sorry for the mistyped thread Title. I meant openSUSE 10.3 rather than 10.4

IMHO if the programs are working and your not having any problems with anything i wouldn’t mess with them

I agree with Havoc65. Yast will let you know if there is a conflict with package versions. I have a couple of them in my package list because I installed stuff with the “one click” install from repos other than oss/packman.

Might be worth knowing what repo you are seeing these in?

YaSt does not display the repos of the installed file/package.

Thanks to everyone. Now atleast I know what they are.

Anyway - where did

openSUSE 10.4
come from?

Sorry! It is a mistyping on my part! I clarified it in my 2nd post. On the top of the alpha keypad my finger hit the wrong key since 3 & 4 are next to each other.