opensuse 10.3: yast2 quits, error in zypper


I have a strange error on a new server I installed a couple of days ago.

Standard text mode installation, additionally postfix, dovecot and samba. Installation & update went smooth, configuration as well. After testing, the server went into production mode and everything was working as supposed.

A few days later I had to install additional packages (rsync and wol). So I started Yast » Software Management. It started to sync with the “update”, “oss”, “non-oss” and “mail-server” repositories taken from YaST » Software Repositories. But a connection could not be established and timed out. So I aborted on the errors. After a while was reachable again and I tried again. This time it sync’ed correctly but kicked me back on the main YaST screen.
Now a lot of modules in YaST (not only in Software) don’t work anymore but I can’t find an error in the log files.

When I run zypper, ich get the following error:

$> zypper install rsync
* Reading repository 'openSUSE-10.3-DVD 10.3' cache
zypper: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/ undefined symbol: xmlReaderForIO

I installed smart manually, removed all zypper and almost all yast2 packages and installed them again, but this didn’t help.

Anyone a clue?

$> zypper install rsync

  • Reading repository ‘openSUSE-10.3-DVD 10.3’ cache
    zypper: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/ undefined symbol: xmlReaderForIO

xmlReaderForIO is from libxml2.rpm. Get the rpm via Webpin and install it using rpm.

Also run “rpm -Va” to see if there are any more broken dependencies.

libxml2 is already installed in version 2.6.30. I reinstalled it using rpm but that didn’t help.

“rpm -Va” doesn’t show any missing files.

If you disable the DVD repro (in YaST > Software Repositories) & manually try to refresh the repositories (‘zypper ref’ in a terminal console) , do you get this error also?


OK, that is more complex than I thought. Please have a look at YaST/Crashes - openSUSE . In particular, post the output of the “rpm -qa …” command mentioned there.

Yes, I get the error, no matter which repositories I have enabled.

I found that doc already yesterday but unfortunately it didn’t provide any further clues as to why I have this error. I’ll post the output on Monday, I’m already off for the weekend… :slight_smile:

Ok, gave up on the problem…
No error messages whatsoever, only the one from zypper. Reinstalling all necessary packages didn’t help (from DVD and online repositories). No package conflicts.

I reinstalled the whole system, configured it as before and now it’s running flawlessly. Same package versions!