openSUSE 10.3-Wireless configuration won't stick

Hello All:
I use ndiswrapper to install the windows driver for my wireless network interface card. This goes well and my NIC is then detected by the system. Then I use YaST and configure the NIC without any glitch and get my internet connection and network set up going well. Then I finish the process by writing the set up with " ndiswrapper -m". All goes well until the next system start-up which, I can not connect to the internet and must repeat the above process again in order to restabilish the connection. This keeps on occuring with every new system boot-up. The strange thing is that at a new boot-up the “driver installed device available” shows-up in response to typing “ndiswrapper -l” in a terminal. But for one or other reason it refuses to detect the NIC and connect even with a re configuration of NIC. I have to remove and reinstall the drive to have it detected again.

Am I missing something or doing any mis-step here?

Please help!
Thanks in advance.