openSUSE 10.3 Network Problems

I installed 10.3 (after buying it a couple of years ago and letting sit on the shelf) and can’t get it to configure my ethernet connection or my wireless card. Yast doesn’t include a list of available cards, and the error I get in installation-network setup is that the kernel isn’t present. The machine I’m installing this on is a Lenovo, in which there isn’t a discrete ethernet card (it’s in the motherboard), but my wireless card (a Cisco LINKSYS 802.11G) is a discrete card. Because I’m divorcing Microsoft for a number of valid reasons, I don’t have Windows available on that box. Can you help?

Did you run the check media function in the install menu?

Is this after or during the install?

10.3 is no longer supported. The current version is 11.3.

Thank you VERY MUCH for your reply.

I’ll go do the Check Media function, but everything (else) installed correctly.

The goofy thing is, I can use YaST to tell me what hardware I have, and it lists both the network devices correctly - make, model number, etc.

During installation it says no network was detected, and after installation it lists a network card that couldn’t be configured, for lack of a Kernel.

If this is a newer set of hardware 10.3 may simply not have the drivers. ie no kernel drivers. If the machine boot I assure you you do have a kernel. You may not have the required hardware driver modules for your hardware. Since 10.3 is no longer supported I’d not expect to find any either. Try a newer version.

Cool. Good answer. That’s what I’ll do. Thank you very much for your help!