opensuse 10.3 - network card not connected

Hi all,

I have been trying to configure the ethernet card during installation and after installation, but no success. the following is the information I got:

Network Settings
Name: Ethernet Network Card
IP Address: Not configured

Ethernet Network Card (not connected)
BUS ID: 0000:00:0f0
(unable to configure network card because kernel device is not present)

I use opensuse 10.3, and gateway GT5678 PC. All work fine if I install Windows Vista.

Thanks so much for any help. Appreciate it very much.


What kind of eternet card do you use ?
One in a PCI slot ore direct on the MOBO ?
What is the chip set of you’re eternet card ?

Thanks so much for responding to me.

I used hwinfo --pci and got the following information:

Model: Acer Incorporated[ALI] Ethernet COntroller
Vendor: PCI 0x10de “nVidia Corporation”
Device: PCI 0x07dc.

Then I searched " 10de:07dc", and it is:
GeForce 8800 GT 512, MCP73 Ethernet.

Does Suse10.3 support it? Shall I install Suse11?

By the way, I had Windows Vista on this machine (GT 5678 from Gateway), and it worked fine. The I reformatted it and installed OpenSuse10.3.

Appreciated it very much for help.


You do not answer my question if is on the MOBO or
in a PCI slot ?
If Linux has a problem than is with eternet card directly on the MOBO ,specially when it is a brand new one.
After trying get it working two weeks but no success
I buy my self a easy way out and transfer my old eternet card from my old computer to the new one,being a Belkin eternet card with I use from opensuse 9.3 on.By the way Realtek is the same as Belkin , if you can put in PCI slot I do not know where you life in my country it cost about 10 Euros

Thanks so much.

I think it is in the PCI slot.

On 10/08/2008 vaultsuse wrote:
> I think it is in the PCI slot.

Sheesh, just open the freaking case and LOOK :wink: