openSUSE 10.3 latest GNOME/GTK stable pkgs list

I had several problems after upgrading some pkgs of my openSUSE 10.3.

The system gets broken especially for GNOME/GTK apps.
Only a downgrade of some of these GNOME/GTK pkgs has partially restored the system.

I am now completely distrusting automatic software-updater.

Wonder if somebody can give me the list of the latest stable pkgs for the 10.3 release and how to maintain the system updated without having to worry after.

pkgs list:



Is this the update repository you have configured?

Index of /update/10.3

Supported KDE and Gnome updates are here, too. The /repodata directory holds patches or “delta rpm’s”, upgraded packages are under the /rpm directory tree. My understanding is that the SuSE updater, whether the program running in the tray or the automatic batch version, will only update from this repo. The YaST Software Management module will show you which repository a package is actually installed from.

Hi mingus725,

Many thanks for your replay!

What a idiot I am: I asked for the list of the latest stable pkgs when I could verify that on my own, through the opensuse update URL :rolleyes:.

I found the problem, or at least, I suppose to have found it:
As configured software repositories I had also GNOME-STABLE and KDE4-STABLE.

This probably messed-up the correct pkgs installed on my system, with “spurious” ones which are not compliant with my release.

For example: I found that I had installed some pkgs whose version was “branding” which I suppose are related to openSUSE 11.00, or may be are some beta versions.

Actually I disabled the repositories GNOME STABLE and KDE4 STABLE and I installed last patches and updates from /update/10.3.

The system at present is running almost correctly, but I noticed that the “ggreeter” is complaining about the unrecognized .SVG theme image, so it is loading an “ugly” desktop, showing an yellow flower on the bottom right of the screen.

What is the images engine in openSUSE?
This behavior could be related with a broken GIMP perhaps?
Or better with ImageMagick?

I say this because the installed version of GIMP doesn’t starts neither.

I guess it has been downloaded from a previous update, when I had configured GNOME-STABLE among the repositories.

Now I think to be “on the right way” to restore my system and, step by step, I am checking every single package.

I tried zypper, on place of software updater, an I liked it very much for its apparent stability and automatic checking ability.

Adding in those repositories can do it to you. Where you can get nailed is when another package updates and pulls the newest version of a dependency from one of those unofficial repo’s. The package dependencies are all still OK, but there can be a change to, say, a config file with a newer version, that can be a problem. Especially true in mixed KDE3/KDE4 system. Or in some cases, a new package will use an enhanced config which breaks what you have; this happened to me with the sensors package.

I have nearly all of the additional repo’s configured, but I leave them disabled except when I explicitly need something from one of them.

Looks like you’re close.

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