OpenSUSE 10.3 Cannot access Internet

Hi All !

I’ve installed OpenSUSE 10.3 onto a laptop for a friend of mine. For installation the laptop was connected in my house with ethernetcable to a DSL-Router (with running DHCP/DNS Server).
In this environment everything worked fine and I could access Internet in Firefox, Thunderbird, Konqeror and YAST-Repository-Management.:slight_smile:

Then we connected the laptop in my friend’s house via powerline adaptor to a DSL-Router (with running DHCP/DNS Server).

The problem is now:
Firefox, Thunderbird and YAST-Repository-Management cannot access Internet.:frowning:
However Konqueror Webbrowser can access Internet without any problems.:?

What can I do to find out, why Internet-Access works for Konqueror, but not for Firefox, Thunderbird and YAST ?

Please Help !