openSUSE 10.3 boot failed


I recompiled the kernel doing this:

make config
make install

And the I reboot the system. But when the kernel tries to load ext3 it throws this message:

invalid module format.

Maybe because the kernel it’s compile with the processor version Xenon and the modules installed not.

How can I reinstall the default kermel? I can’t do that with the rescue/instalation DVD.
Is there any other way to boot the system and re-install the kernel?


Since I’m using 11.0 and you’re using 10.3, I don’t have the specifics to add in to these commands, but you can find them easily yourself . . .

Get a live CD. It can be any that can boot on your system. After booting, in a terminal mount your openSUSE partition (or partitions, if there are more than one). Then chroot to the mount point; now you are root inside your 10.3 OS. Now, you can try a couple of things. The command “/sbin/yast” will start YaST in ncurses mode in the terminal; you can add repositories if needed, can also go to the Software Management module to install software - since it’s ncurses, it doesn’t work exactly like the GUI version, but the functionality is there. Install the kernel there. If for some reason you can’t get into YaST to do this, you can just use zypper from the command line. The syntax is “zypper in <name of package>”; you would need to check the repository (like from a browser) for the exact name of the package. If you also need to add a repository, you can do that with zypper with “zypper sa <url of repository> <alias>” where alias is just the name you want to call it. The kernel installation should create a new initrd and update /boot/grub/menu.lst for you, too. Be sure to install the new sources, as well.

Thanks, it works!