opensuse 10.3 and google earth

Hi suse’er,

I’m a newbie @ linux,previously I was using ubuntu…

I want to install google earth but i can’t find it on yast2 no search found,how do I download/install it?


You should get it from Google. It is not provided in an official Opensuse repository.

oh ok…so now i download .bin file…

how do i install this .bin file…nothing happens…is the .bin file same as .exe on windows?

i install filezilla via yast2 also but it never appear on the K menu startup…does this will happen too with google earth? :frowning:

Google Earth - openSUSE

did you follow this instruction?

to install it, open a terminal/console cd to where you stored it & type

sh GoogleEarthLinux.bin ( or whatever the file is called ) & press enter. It will then install for you & provide a menu icon


great thxs!