Opensuse 10.3 and cant access Mysql

Hi All,

Rencently i installed thru Yast LAMP.
When i type : “rcmysql start” is starts without any problems. ( with “rcmysql status”, i see its running.

Then i did “mysql_install_db” ( also without problems.

then i did "mysqladmin -u root password ‘new-password’ " no errors shown.

But when i do “mysql -u root” it prompts me this error :
ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can’t connect to local MySQL server through socket ‘/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock’ (13)

What i can see, is that the sock file is in /var/lib/mysql (green coloured and also in my.cnf with the same path specified) i set the permissions for all users to full access ( to try if that was causing the problems…but it didn’t ) I’ll hope some1 can help me solve my problem ? I cant find a solution anywhere. Thank you

I made some notes how I did it last time.

What I see as the biggest difference with you is that I did the “mysql_install_db” first and then started mysql (i did this via YaST, but I do not think that essential).

Maybe a restart of mysql helps.

Open YaST and go to System>System Services; check mysql and apache and the mysql daemon will start every time you log in; saves having to start it manually every time.

Thanks for the reply’s.
Yes it is started at boot autom. ( restart aint helping the problem :slight_smile:

there is something strange…i installed webmin. and believe it or not, it works within webmin. ( can login and create users db’s etc… ) any idea what i do wrong in console ?

As long as you have the permissions set up, you can use other programs to access the mysql tables but, to access the tables directly, you need to have mysqld (the mysql daemon) running as this is needed to handle the permissions as well as your interactions with the tables.

Making the changes in YaST ensured the daemon was running all the time.