openssuse - going commercial?

Hi there!

For a long time I have been wondering: Why is it so hard to clone a fully installed TW/Leap? So much obfuscation with UUIDs and stuff. And absolutely no support here in the forum for questions re cloning an opensuse.

Today I opened Yast, to manage some software packages and found a new (?) task “Product Registration”. Just out of curiosity I clicked it and wanted to skip registration. A window popped up saying:

No registration, no updates anymore!

So usually this is the first step for full-blown “pay or go home and … yourself” policy with opensource software projects.

Is there any official announcement on this?

Have no idea, never needed to clone, I would use kiwi instead… perhaps newer tools/methods are now in place to make these easier… Your not forced to use UUID’s, change the default (YaST Partitioner) during install…

That’s probably the SUSE/openSUSE integration at play (I see in SLES 15, not in my Tumbleweed), users have the ability to switch from Leap to SLE if they wish, nothing nefarious, just synergy.

This integration is definitely useful for me as the more integration the better ability to deploy/manage openSUSE with the like of SuMA (Which I use), remember some folks deploy openSUSE images out to many machines, so those sorts of tools are included…

I don’t see this Registration on Leap, only on some (!) TW (so far). No idea which TW (all KDE) have it and which don’t…

OK, concrete question: How long can I skip registration, before the updates will stop working?

I saw “Product Registration” in early pre-release versions of Leap 15. And I tried, and got something similar. So I ignored it.

That seems to no longer be there. I think it had leaked from SLE versions.

If you are seeing this in Tumbleweed, then it is probably there temporarily to test some updated code. Just ignore it.

Probably about 24 hours… nah, just joking… it will have zero affect on your system, you will get updates for ever and and day, as nrickert says just ignore it.

Did you install a Kubic TW image?
That asks for registration during the install, and might again later.


UUIDs are a Linux thing not a Tumbleweed thing. On one hand (if I understand correctly) you can swap your drives around various cables more or less, and as long as grub boots linux, then mounting will find your drives wherever they are by UUID. The downside is when you swap in a backup drive with the same files but a different UUID …