openssuse build service for RHEL and ubuntu on ppc64le

Hi All,

I am new to the openSUSE:BuildService at , so please excuse me if my questions are too basic.

I was referring to the information at:

and it seems that RHEL 7.1 on ppc64le is currently not a supported by this service. Do we have any plans of supporting this in the near future?

I was also trying to build a package (nginx) on Ubuntu 14.04 ppc64le but the status is shown as “Excluded”. Looks like there are no rules to build a debian package.

Is there any specific repository of packages that have been tried/built on ppc64LE Ubuntu 14.04/any other platform? Or would a package need to be built from scratch along with all its dependencies (recursively?)? Is there any document that can help understanding this?

Any help/pointers on this would be of great help.


Hello Pryia,
I pointed out your above question in opensuse-buildservice irc, and received confirmation that better to submit such question to mailing list ( assuming you have registered to it (

Michel Normand