openssh 5.4p1 and GSSAPIKeyExchange


Does anyone know how to activate the GSSAPiKeyExchange configuration option with the openssh 5.4p1-8.2 package in OpenSUSE 11.3? I also use Fedora 13, with their 5.4p1-4 openssh package, and there it works flawlessly. In OpenSUSE however, I get the error message

Bad configuration option: GSSAPIKeyExchange

everytime I try to connect using the following ssh config file:

# Hosts we want to authenticate to with Kerberos
Host *
# User authentication based on GSSAPI is allowed
GSSAPIAuthentication yes
# Key exchange based on GSSAPI may be used for server authentication
GSSAPIKeyExchange yes

# Hosts to which we want to delegate credentials. Try to limit this to
# hosts you trust, and were you really have use for forwarded tickets.
Host *
# Forward (delegate) credentials (tickets) to the server.
GSSAPIDelegateCredentials yes

# All other hosts
Host *

A similar error message appears if i add the

GSSAPICleanupCredentials yes

option, so I guess they are both functions not included in this package.

Grateful for help,

(I also found this page Kerberos/GSSAPI Support in OpenSSH with patches that are supposed to enable key exchange, but the last one is for openssh 5.3p1. Anyone tried it?)