opensource driver was making my RadeonHD 6490 overheat


Opensource driver was making my RadeonHD 6490m overheat so i installed fglrx 8.911 but x wont start im booting into shell instead :’(. My laptop is Hp pavillion dv6-6096nr and it got I7 2630qm with sandy bridge. It used to work without a hitch in opensuse 11.4 and even i got around 60fps on WoW.
Can anyone help me :’( ?

What method did you use to install fglrx?

If it was ‘the hard way’ aka manual, you need to blacklist radeon first.

Hi tnx for answering me i did add radeon.modeset=0 blacklist=radeon 3 on bootline and ran mkinitrd without radeon loaded and installed fglrx with atiupgrade script version 3