opensc update

not sure if this is the right place to post, couldn’t find anywhere better. my automatic updater asked me to update libopensc2 today, but when i agreed it came up with the following error:

2 Problems: Problem: No valid solution found with just resolvables of best architecture. Problem: opensc-32bit cannot be installed due to missing dependencies Problem: No valid solution found with just resolvables of best architecture. With this run only resolvables with the best architecture have been regarded. Regarding all possible resolvables takes time, but can come to a valid result. Solution 1: Make a solver run with ALL possibilities. Regarding all resolvables with a compatible architecture.

i use suse 10.3, 64bit
not sure what other pars of my configuration are helpful, or how to retrieve, so more info on request

any help appreciated. regards,

I have the same problem on two SUSE 10.3 64bit intel servers…working on

"working on "?

Since about 1 month I also have this problem on an openSUSE 10.3. 64 bit machine.

First I thought it was a virus or misconfiguration problem, but having checked deeply there is nothing strange on this engine.

It’s kind of frustrating, because their followed another update which is unable to be installed now:

  1. libopensc2 - 5587-0
  2. libopensc2 - 5494-0

Ugly, ugly, very ugly.

It seems the bright peppers coding the opensc package (or the SuSE implementors) have split the libraries into separate packages and have created a bit of a mess. The new version doesn’t include which it is dependant on.

Can’t remove this “feature” as openssh indirectly depends on it through “askpass”

I finally got rid of this annoyance.
Run Yast
Run Online Update
Select opensc32-bit & the opensc32-bit library for install and to update opensc2 & libopensc2 (the weird “Z” thingy)
click the “ignore error” on the dependancy checker twice

Worked for me

I had this exact same problem for the longest time on opensuse 10.3 64-bit until today (19 June 2009) when I used YaST instead of Online Update to update the same 2 components in question:

Package/Avail Version/Installed Version

The update repository I used was (64-bit, of course).

No dependencies were ignored (I’m very suspicious of ignoring dependencies).

Online Update is finally satisfied!

Hope this helps others with this long-standing problem.