OpenOffice Writer period placement warning

My document contains a parenthetical remark, like this:

(This is a long parenthetical remark.)

OpenOffice Writer advises me that the dot should rather be placed after the parenthesis:

(This is a long parenthetical remark).

I think OpenOffice Writer is wrong.

Moreover, the OpenOffice Writer expects a comma before or:

Aleph, Beth, Ghimel, or Daleth

I think OpenOffice Writer is wrong.

I don’t think so.

These things are implemented by means of the Language Tool. It is often incorrect and outdated.

Thanks for your opinion, voodoo. At least for the Polish language, the rule is: a parenthetical sentence has the period within the parentheses, a parenthetical interjection at the end of the sentence has the parenthesis before the period.

yecril71pl wrote:
> These things are implemented by means of the ‘Language Tool’
> ( It is often incorrect and
> outdated.

if you are just writing Aunt Tillie, then all is ok…but, if you are
writing your doctoral thesis in nuclear weapons design, you should NOT
turn on OpenOffice grammatical help…unless you want lots of well
meaning, but bad advice…

btw, the comma before the “or” in a series of three or more has been
optional (either way is ok) for at least 50 years…

And, as far as i recall, it is usually considered bad form to make
parenthetical remarks as full sentences (with a capital beginning and
period ending).

such full sentence remarks should be (get this) another sentence…or
in a foot note, etc…

note: all of my writing hints are localized to the USA…ymmv!

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OO isn’t subtle enough:

‘A full point should come before the closing parenthesis if the whole sentence is in parentheses [as in the example above]; otherwise after the closing parenthesis’ Butcher (2006) Copyediting p. 156 - the UK bible on the subject which for the most part follows the Chicago Manual. A US member might be able to enlighten us on what the Chicago Manual says.

It is an error by Polish rules (the original sentence was in Polish.)

Interestingly enough, the Language Tool does not mark this period for English text, only for Polish.

Actually, it is the prescribed way as of today. Perhaps a manifestation of the raising entropy principle >:( Anyway the original question is moot. vodoo rulez! lol!

This is probably already fixed upstream.