Openoffice toolbar view

How can I make the toolbar view in Openoffice look the same as all the QT (& GTK) apps I have installed?
Using QTCurve. Settings applied correctly to all apps except Openoffice.

screenshot of Kontact menu bar](

& screenshot of Openoffice menu bar (missing seperator lines)](

Yo should export these two variables before starting openOffice:

export GTK2_RC_FILES=PathToYourGtkrc
export OOO_FORCE_DESKTOP=gnome

The second variable gives openOffice gnome (gtk) look and feel, even if started in a non-gnome environment (like KDE). Not sure the first one is required. I don’t know if it’s working with QTCurve though.

yes, just using the second line works.
Doesn’t look quite right though - has a bit of an out of place look (as do a lot of GTK apps) in KDE4

I take it there is something about QT that is not quite right with Openoffice? Is there no setting in KDE4 that can be set so that it loads like all other qt apps?

You can also install the oxygen-molecule package, and set that to be used for GTK apps in KDE4.

But Openoffice is not a GTK app and I do not have a problem with other GTK apps as they mostly adhere to QTCurve settings.

It is a GKT app. They are many apps which comply more or less to GTK standard (in case there is any). Firefox is another example of such a half GTK app.

it has always been my understanding that Openoffice is an X11 app - neither GTK nor QT.
Firefox of course being a GTK app adheres to qtcurve settings.