OpenOffice startup strange (OpenSuse 11.1 64 bit)


I run OpenOffice 3.1 (build 9319) which is quite shakey (on the average daily one crash) but ok to handle. What I find strange is this: When I start it up, it shows the splash screen, and then nothing. Also nothing in the window bar (application manager?). Only when I start it a second time, it will show an empty document, but then instantly. Is this menat to be? If so, is there any way to change this?
I tried to call it up with a document name as argument, but that caused a crash.

I’ve seen this too.

In my case the fix is to check for the existence of lock files in $HOME/.qt .

e.g. $HOME/.qt/.qt_plugins_3.3rc.lock

I wish that programs/libraries that tested for lock files would be a little more verbose about it by default.

Sorry for the very late reply. There were indeed lock files in that place, but removing them didn’t change a thing.