OpenOffice multilanguage spelling

I got two languages installed on my openSUSE 11.
But when I’m writing text in openoffice the default check spelling is set to English so I have to manually select second language from very long list of languages :confused:
Is there a way to add second language to the list that appear when I press a field in the centre bottom (with default language sign)?

Format > Character > Font has an option to mark characters as part of a different language. It will also tell you if it has a dictionary installed for that language; if not it will ignore the word. (You can, of course, use YaST to install it).

I don’t know how well you know both languages but I find it great having it prompt me, for example, when I have left off an accent in French or used the wrong ending. The only problem I have found with the French spellchecker is that it doesn’t recognise the circumflex.

I know that :slight_smile: But im looking to find the way to have to to languages in that menu :slight_smile:

Sorry I was confused when you said you had the languages installed on SUSE rather than OO.

I don’t think what you want is available but, when you click on the list of languages, you can enter a letter to get to a group of them. Sometimes, it is better to enter a different letter. For example, to reach English, I press F as English UK then appears just above it. You may find that that is the best you can get.

Not sure if this is really what you are looking for.

But as long as you have the ispell dictionary installed form yast then if you right click on any mispelled word in openoffice - at the bottom it should have a list of the dictionaries you have installed and you need to select that dictionary before correcting the word

Ok :slight_smile: thx for help :smiley:

Been thinking; try Tools > Options > Languages

There is an option to change the language for one document only; if select your second language and check this box, this language appears in the pop-up menu while that document is loaded. This may be what you are looking for.

I knew about this for a whole document but hadn’t thought of it for changing the language within a document.